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Login with phone number 😎

User can login with email or phone number

In App Translation

User can select language for in app translation

Search Enhancements

Adding users, units and search inside text files


Engage your teams and get quick answers with polls.

In Progress

Notification Centre

Manage your notifications and get an overview direct in the notification center.

New mobile UI

Updating the apps from A-Z starting with homescreen and main navigation

Feed improvements

Optimising data handling and more robust updating of feed.


Quick link with user ID

Identify redirected users in 3rd party applications

New search

Fast AI driven search implemented across all platform.

Azure AD improvements

Implementing a more robust workflow and SSO.

Release notes

Read about our latest releases in the release notes.

September 2022 (Scheduled)

June 20, 2022

1. Introducing redesigned mobile apps

This is a preliminary release documentation. The final release and documentation may be subject to minor changes.

The upcoming release of the mobile apps is the first part of a complete upgrading of our mobile apps. Here is a list of the updates that will be included in the first release.


In the redesign of the apps your company branding has been at the centre to ensure that you can create the right look and feel to support your internal brand experience.


Add your logo and select the right colours to match your brand.

Splash Screen

Use your logo with your brand colour or image. The splash screen will be visible when your application is loading.

Home Screen

Use a company image on your home screen to make it feel right.

My Profile

Update your personal information, manage your notifications and security settings.


Hit the search icon on the top bar and start searching.

Home Screen

You access your Home Screen directly from the bottom bar. The Home Screen will take you to the different features in Ziik.

- Feed
- Events
- Handbooks
- Quicklinks
- Documents
- Groups
- Shifts
- Contacts

Notification Center

The Notification Center is right in the middle of your bottom navigation. Here you have an overview of all your activities and this is the place to go when you want to make sure that you have not missed any information.

For further information see the scheduled release note for the Notification Center.


The chat still has its own channel and you will find it in the bottom bar next to the Notification Center.

2. Introducing Notification Center

The Notification Center is here to help you stay on top and never miss a message. This will be your single source of truth and the place to go to catch up and make sure that you have not missed anything.

What will you find in the Notification Center

The Notification Center is personal and here you will find notifications for posts, comments and mentions. You will not see notifications for chat messaging as these have their own channel.

- Posts
- Comments
- Mentions

Easily see unread notifications

To help you stay on top, notifications will remain unread until you have either seen the post, confirmed that you have read the posts, confirmed your participation in events or you have marked the notification as read.

How notifications change status from unread to read

Here is list of actions that will change the status on your notifications from unread to read:

Just swipe to the left in the app to mark the notification as read.

Notifications awaiting your reply

If a post awaits your reply, the notification will be marked as read once you have replied on the post. It is not possible to mark posts awaiting your reply as read without confirming your action on the post.

This is an example of a post requesting your participation.

This is an example of a post requesting your read confirmation.

Mark all as read

Need to clean up? You can mark all your notifications as read in one action, or almost! Notifications that require your read confirmation or participation will only be marked as read, once you have confirmed your action on the post.

Notifications are listed chronologically after publishing time

Notifications are always listed chronologically in the notification feed after creation time, which means that the newest notification will be at the top. You have the possibility to filter your notifications after:

- All notifications (default)
- All unread notifications
- Awaiting reply
- Mentions

Notification settings

Go to the Notifications from My Profile and select your preferences. You can also choose to mute individual content or groups, by opening their contextual menu.

- Push notifications / Email notifications - Simply decide if you want your notifications delivered as push notifications in the app, by email, or both.
- Comments and replies - Mute comments and replies if you don’t want any notifications on comments and replies. This will apply for all posts.
- Mentions - If you don’t want to be notified when someone mentions you.
- Group activities - Mute notifications for individual groups.

Notifications for new posts shared with the organisation cannot be muted.

You can mute notifications for reminders, comments and replies on individual posts. However, notifications for mentions will not be muted.

Excluded notifications

Some posts may be excluded from the Notification Center, when the author of a post doesn't find it relevant to notify you about it. This could e.g. be events created months ahead.

Questions and answers to notifications

What happens if I have turned my notifications off?
When you turn your notifications off you will not receive push or email notifications. However you will always find your notifications in the Notification Center.

What happens when I click on a notification?

We will send you directly to the post for that notification.

How come that comments are consolidated in the same notification in the Notification Center?

Well, we want to ensure that you have an easy overview in the Notification Center. You could potentially have hundreds of notifications for the same post, which would clutter your Notification Center if we didn’t consolidate your comments’ notifications..

Week of March 14, 2022

March 18, 2022

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The list of participants in events now includes the Author

The author is by default added as participant but will have the option to decline participation. The counts are updated accordingly including the Author.

Week of February 12, 2022

February 17, 2022

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Microsoft Azure AD User Synchronization

We have just made a release enabling seamless synchronization of users from Microsoft Azure AD.

How to set-up the integration

In the Helpcenter you will find some articles with documentation of how to set-up your Microsoft AD user synchronization and Single Sign On (SSO).



Don't hesitate to contact Ziik support if you need assistance in setting up the integration.